If you need assistance in matters related to the English Language, you have found the right place. It could be that you have a work of literature that requires translation into English so it can be published abroad? It might be the case of a video needing subtitles in English. Or even a short or feature film that has to have a high quality translation, not just in terms of words, but the whole meaning of it’s core message is there, requiring translation, so it can be properly grasped by an entire group of people who cannot understand Portuguese.

It could be that you need an academic work, an abstract or an article, to be translated into English or else from English.

Perhaps you want to learn to speak English for a specific purpose or just to travel. It might be that you have a group among your friends or family that want to learn English in your own environment. Perhaps you are a company wanting to develop the English communication skills of your staff.

Maybe you already know English but need to improve your communication skills? Here you have a unique technique for learning a fluent and correct English in a short time, you’ll be studying with the Hoffmann method of teaching English, created by Ricardo Hoffmann.

If you are a demanding person and have been looking for any of those services and have not yet found something that makes you believe you’re assisted at your content, perhaps you should write an e-mail asking for further information or for references.


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