Literary Translation:

Translating a text in a way that preserves its original message can require very special skills. Have your work of literature translated into English with special care.

Already Translated:
Roots from Overseas, Colours and Verses in the Island of Santa Catarina; poems by Osmar Pisani; paintings by Semy Braga and Vera Sabino – Florianópolis: Fundação Aníbal Nunes Pires, 2004
Translation: Samantha Neves Hoffmann

Works being translated:
Information given under request.

Translating Academic Texts:

Abstracts, thesis, essays and articles. Over 15 years experience translating the most varied themes and subjects.
You can see a sample of previous academic translations undertaken if you send a request. Please send a request by e-mail with details of the text you need translated and also informing the date when you need it and you will receive pricing information.


Translation (English-Portuguese): R$ 20,00 (per 250 words)
Translation (Portuguese-English): R$ 25,00 (per 250 words)
Revision (English-Portuguese): R$ 10,00 (per 250 words)
Revision (Portuguese-English): R$ 12,00 por lauda

It is worth reminding you that 250 words is not one page. It is necessary to divide the number of characters (without space) in a text per 1000 (thousand). Then you get the number of “laudas”, as we say it.


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