English Classes – The Method

Small Groups – You are welcome to join one of our small groups in Trindade (Florianópolis) where we teach, in record time, using the Hoffmann methodology.

Private Teaching (Groups or Individual) – We can teach you or your group of friends/family, at your home, office or company.

Specific Subjects – We are currently staring to teach small groups of people who have a specific subject of interest. At the moment we have a group of students who want to learn English within a specific theme: Cinema & Scriptwriting. We have gathered articles, biographies and the original script for well known films, to teach English to students and professionals of Cinema & Scriptwriting.


For the teaching of the English language, three techniques are used: the first one, core of this system, consists of a mechanism that was developed over 30 years ago by Ricardo Hoffmann, professor and writer from Florianópolis/SC. It is a visual rational scheme (EVR), a set of geometric representative figures arranged on a table. This table is used as a tool to accelerate the development of the student’s capacity to structure all possible constructions of the language (as well as its other concepts) along the course of study. This first technique is the one teaching the student to think/reason in English, giving the conditions for using any one of all possible phrasal structures in English rather than, as happens often, just communicate using three or four verbal structures.
The second technique, complementing the first and main one, is the Reading. It is a class where the teacher leads the students through the instant translation of texts. The material used can vary according to the group/student. The texts are usually biographies (simplified or original), texts of literature (also simplified or original, according to the student’s or the group’s level). Texts related to travel and international subjects are also used. When the student or group is linked to a specific subject, the texts used for this class also relate to that subject. In this class the student will develop a good pronunciation and the skill to communicate with ease and will also broaden their range of vocabulary in the language.

The third technique, the one used in conversation, is applied in order to verify what has been developed in the other two types of class, so English can be spoken correctly, comfortably and fluently. In conversation, the choice for a specific sentence that can perfectly express what the student wants to communicate, happens instantly.

The Hoffmann Method, by nature, is always modern. Such combination of a highly efficient system to teach the English language, with a learned reasoning straight in the language and with sessions of reading texts, articles, magazine texts or even specific texts, has been contributing to give the classes an original character and the certainty of achieving good results. Ricardo Hoffmann is still deeply compromised with teaching in record time and updating the teaching techniques in order to maintain the method always modern, efficient and unparalleled.


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